Beginners CorelDraw Courses

Beginners CorelDraw Courses in South Africa


Course Description
CorelDraw Beginners course is intended to be used by students who would like to learn how to use the CorelDraw graphics program. This course describes how to get started, use the basic tools, and apply it to various drawings. Step-by-step exercises lead the students through each topic. An end-of-section exercise and a short-answer questionnaire summate each section. 2KO Africa conducts IT training and certification, as well as offering a large catalogue of online computer courses.


Target Audience
Anybody that would like to learn about CorelDraw.

Course Outline
Various file formats

File formats for web (RGB - Red, Green Blue)

File formats for printing (CMYK - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black)


Corel Draw learning tools

Interactive blend tools

Interactive contour tool

Interactive distortion tool

Interactive drop shadow tool

CorelDraw shapes

Star tool

Crop tool

Eraser tool

Knife tool

Interactive fill tool

Complex star tool

Spiral tool

Graph paper tool

Interactive transparency tool

Interactive extrude tool

Interactive envelope tool


Corel Basics

Pick tool - Move

Pick tool - Skew

Pick tool - Resize

Corel text basics

Simple wireframe


Behind / in front of

Preview selected preview

Zoom selected

Fit in window

Zoom all

Basics graphics terms - ungroup

Guidelines details



Fill colour

Fountain fill

Corel fill types

Angle & edge pad - Fountain fill


Select within group

Corel text fill


Draft Combine


Combine & group

Oder / Forward / Black one


Corel Techniques

Shaping basics


Weld to

Weld to - target, source object



Front minus back


Back minus front


Corel Draw basics effects

Fit text to path basic

Fit text to path intermediate

Fit text to path advanced

Removing text path basic

Removing text path intermediate

Blend rotation

Add respective basic

Add respective shape

Blend different shapes

Colour blending

Blend steps

Using power clips


Artistic effects


Chess board


Making precious stones

Making rings

Fashion designing

Extrude project


Simple web buttons

Page curl


Corel Draw text effects

Cracked text effect

Combine effect


Big text

Ray effect

Drop shadow

Line text

Sliced text

Contour effect

Grid effect

Adding effect


Design, Layout and photos

Create beautiful bevels

Tips for designing newsletter layouts

How to create a newsletter

Create perfect photo composites with the cutout lab

Top 5 photo fixes using Corel photo-paint

Tracing with Coreltrace



CorelDraw workspace Tour



Creating a logo