Intermediate CorelDraw Courses

Intermediate CorelDraw Courses in South Africa


Course Description

After learning the fundamentals of CorelDRAW X4, you've discovered the limitless range of possibilities the program offers. In this course you will become proficient in manipulating objects, using the Object Manager, Colour Manager, Colour Harmonies and Distortion tools. A raft of special effects is covered in detail including PowerClips, Lens, Natural Pen Lines, extrusions, and blending. You will also learn how to manage bitmaps, create special bitmap effects, 3D text art, and import 3D objects.  2KO Africa conducts IT training and certification, as well as offering a large catalogue of online computer courses.


Course Outline
Using the Object Manager

Working with layers to achieve heightened flexibility and control over drawings

Creation and application of special effects including envelopes, extrusions, contours, PowerClips, Lens, Natural Pen Lines, and blends

Editing pattern fills

Working with the Colour Manager and Colour Harmonies

Importing and creating your own pattern fills

Advanced node editing

Using the knife, eraser, and free transform tools

Dimensioning tools

Interactive fill, transparency, blend, distortion, envelope, and extrude tools

Publish to Internet feature

Creating text and object styles

Using the View Manager

Customizing the Corel environment, toolbars, keyboard and status bar

Bitmap special effects, filters, editing, and cropping

Bitmap colour mask

Working with the Scrapbook

Introducing scripts and presets