Advanced Graphic Design Courses

Advanced Graphic Design Courses in Cape Town



To do this Course you will need
An interest in graphic design
You will need to have completed the first week of introduction to graphic design (or similar)
A determination to complete the course

A reasonable knowledge of graphics

5 Days



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Module Outline (Flash)
Setting Project Requirements

Identify the purpose, audience, and audience needs for interactive media content.

Identify interactive media content that is relevant to the purpose of the media in which it will be used (websites, mobile devices, and so on).

Understand options for producing accessible interactive media content.

Demonstrate knowledge of standard copyright rules (related terms, obtaining permission, and citing copyrighted material).

Understand project management tasks and responsibilities.

Communicate with others (such as peers and clients) about design and content plans.

Identifying Interactive Media Design Elements

Identify best practices for designing interactive media content for desktop and mobile browsers, applications, games, and HD video.

Identify general techniques to create interactive media elements that are accessible and readable.

Use a storyboard to design interactive media elements.

Organize an interactive media design document.


Understanding the Adobe Flash Professional Interface

Identify elements of the Flash Professional interface.

Use the Property inspector.

Use the Timeline.

Adjust document properties.

Use Flash guides and rulers.

Use the Motion Editor.

Understand Flash file types.

Identify best practices for managing the file size of a published Flash or HTML document.


Building Interactive Media Elements by Using Flash Professional

Make interactive media content development decisions based on your analysis and interpretation of design specifications.

Use tools on the Tools panel to select, create, and manipulate graphics and text.

Import and modify graphics.

Create text.

Adjust text properties.

Create objects and convert them to symbols, including graphics, movie clips, and buttons.

Understand symbols and the library.

Edit symbols and instances.

Create masks.

Create animations (changes in shape, position, size, color, and transparency).

Add simple controls through ActionScript 3.

Import and use sound.

Add and export video.

Publish and export Flash documents.

Make a Flash document accessible.


Evaluating Interactive Media Elements by Using Flash Professional

Conduct basic technical tests.

Identify techniques for basic usability tests.

Module Outline (Illustrator)
Environment Management

Using multiple artboards

Complex Drawing Techniques

Using Tools


WidthPerspective grid

The Appearance panel

Compound paths

The Expand Appearance and Outline Strokes commands

Creating and using graphic styles

Using 'envelope distort'

Using clipping masks


Transparency and opacity masks

Live Tools

Generating a colour group

Recolouring artwork with colour guides

Trace Bitmap images

Improve Trace results


How does blending work?

How to blend objects, shapes and colours

Update blends


Creating custom brushes

Calligraphy brushes

Scatter brushes

Pattern brushes

Art brushes

Bristle brushes



Create and modify

Using graph designs


Advanced type features

Creating character and paragraph styles

Horizontal and vertical scaling

Adding text to a vector path

Adding gradients to type


Special effects

3D effects: revolve, extrude and bevel, rotate

Advanced blending techniques

Photoshop effects in Illustrator

Shadows and shading

Create patterns


Print & Export

Understand print terminology

Attributes, Separations, Flattener


Preview panels

Creating Trim marks

Create PDFs

Edit options for PDFs

Create separations with Spot colour

At Course Completion
Flash: Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to

Get started with Flash CS6.

Add shapes, color, and lines with drawing and painting tools.

Create symbols and instances.

Identify and compare image types.

Manipulate objects.

Create and modify text and convert text to shapes.

Become familiar with animation tools and features and create an animation.

Use Action Script.

Illustrator: Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to

Get acquainted with the Adobe Illustrator CS6 application.

Create shapes in a document.

Create custom paths.

Work with text in an Illustrator document.

Work with objects.

Enhance documents.

Proof documents to make them more accurate.

Save images for web and print


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