Intermediate Photoshop CS6 Course

Intermediate Photoshop CS6 Courses in Cape Town



Photoshop (2 days)
This course is for those who are comfortable with technology and would like to improve or learn new Photoshop tools.

Who should do this course?
Aspiring photographers
Bloggers or social media content managers

Course Content
Masking and Clipping Layers
Edit an Image Using Quick Mask Overlay
Save and Edit a Selection as an Alpha Channel
Work with Layer Masks
Clip a Layer

Masking with Vector Paths
Create Vector Paths
Edit Paths
Mask Images with Paths

Enhancing Photographs
Retouch Photographs Using Photoshop Tools
Adjust Tonal Range Using Adjustment Layers
Create Patterns
Create Swatches and Gradients
Create a Custom Brush

Creating Special Effects
Preview Text Effects Using Layer Comps
Warp an Image
Work in Vanishing Point

Automating Tasks
Create an Action
Manage Actions
Automate Tasks in Adobe Bridge


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