Linux LPI 202 Courses

Linux LPI 202 Courses in South Africa


2KO International offers Linux LPI courses in Cape Town over five days full time instructor led classes. 2KO's Linux courses are also given via online learning. 2KO Africa is a professional training company, delivering cutting edge programs in the IT space and in selected business applications. Our training is offered online, live online and also by instructor led classes. 2KO Africa's business courses are available world-wide, many of them leading to European Certification, enabling 2KO students the opportunity to study courses online world-wide, to ensure students have access to the best Linux training possible.



Course Duration: 

5 Days



This course prepares students to take the LPI 202 exam of the LPIC-2 certification. The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) is the go-to certification body for vendor independent Linux certifications.

This LPI course covers more advanced Linux skills such as system management and networking. Students will feel confident taking the LPI LPIC-2 202 exam with in classroom assessments and practice exams.


Target Audience

Those responsible for the design, support and maintenance of new and existing Linux systems benefit from this course.



LPIC-1 certification or LPI101 and LPI102.



Web Services

Implementing a web server

Maintaining a web server

Implementing a proxy server


File Sharing

SAMBA Server Configuration

NFS Server Configuration


E-Mail Services

Using e-mail servers

Managing Local E-Mail Delivery

Managing Remote E-Mail Delivery


System Security

Configuring a router

Securing FTP servers

Secure shell (SSH)

TCP Wrapper

Security tasks



Identifying boot stages and troubleshooting bootloaders

General troubleshooting

Troubleshooting system resources

Troubleshooting environment configurations