Microsoft Access 2010 Beginners Class

Microsoft Access 2010 Beginners Courses in Cape Town


Using Microsoft Access to work with a database

Unit Standards
116936 Use a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based database application to work with simple databases (3 Credits) Level 3


Prior knowledge and skills to:
Read, write, communicate and comprehend at least at GET level
Competent in mathematical fundamentals at least at NQF level 2
Operate a personal computer system
Use generic functions in a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-environment
Use a GUI-based spreadsheet application to solve a given problem
The estimated course duration may not be met should the learner not have achieved these prerequisites


Database Concepts
What is a Database
Database planning and concepts
Database objects
Understanding relationships

Starting with Databases
Starting the Access programme
The Getting Started screen
Opening an existing database
Understanding the security warning
Access screen terminology
Opening database objects
Closing a database
Working with Microsoft Access Help
Starting a new blank database

Working in a Database Table
Opening an existing table
Adding records to a datasheet
Editing and deleting records in a datasheet
Sorting records in a datasheet
Locating specific records
Filtering the records displayed
Printing records from a datasheet

Creating & designing tables
Creating new tables
Creating tables in the datasheet view
Changing data type and format
Using Data Type Gallery
Understanding data types
Creating new tables in the design view
Primary Key
Field Properties
Deleting a database table
Modifying a database table

Database relationships
Understanding relationships
Create a relationship using the Lookup Wizard
Display Relationships
Creating relationships in the Relationships window

Working with Forms
Understanding forms
Creating forms instantly
Creating forms using the Form Wizard
Changing the form views
Understanding controls
Understanding Control Layouts
Resizing controls
Formatting controls
Understanding Property sheets
Sections in the Design view

Working with Queries
Understanding Queries
Creating a Select Query
Selecting fields for a query
Sorting the query results
Understanding the Datasheet and Design query views
Entering Criteria

Working with Reports
Understanding reports
Creating reports instantly
Creating a report using the Report Wizard
Modifying a Report Design
Print preview reports
Printing reports
Send the report as an e-mail message


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