Green Belt Six Sigma Class

Green Belt Six Sigma Courses in South Africa


Booking is open for Six Sigma certification courses in Cape Town or Johannesburg. If you are contemplating or busy implementing Six Sigma in your company, then this course is for you. The DMAIC Six Sigma Green Belt course is run over five days (full time training) in Joburg or Cape Town, and successful candidates will be awarded certification by Six Sigma South Africa. 

Master the lessons of the world's best Six Sigma deployments

Learn from the experiences of AlliedSignal, Motorola, 3M, and fifty other Six Sigma leaders

Link Six Sigma directly to your balance sheet

Set aggressive, measurable business goals and achieve them

Plan and execute a flawless launch within 90 days!

Define priorities, organize teams, choose partners, structure enterprise-wide deployments, and more

Sustain Six Sigma for the long term

Using a clearly defined leadership roadmap, align organization structure, compensation, succession planning, IT resources, and more

Avoid the classic Six Sigma "failure modes"

Why Six Sigma projects fail, and how to keep it from happening to you


Course Outline for 2KO International Six Sigma Green Belt

Why Six Sigma?

Definition and Graphical View of Six Sigma

Comparisons Between typical TQM and Six Sigma Programs

Origins and Success Stories


How to Deploy Six Sigma

Leadership Responsibilities

Description of the Roles and Responsibilities

Resource Allocation

Data Driven Decision Making

Organizational Metrics and Dashboards



Project Definition Tasks

Work Breakdown Structure

Pareto Diagrams

Process Maps

Matrix Diagrams

Project Charters




Tools and Objectives

Measure Stage



Process Maps


Box-Whisker Plots

Cause and Effect Diagrams

Check Sheets

Interrelationship Diagram

Stem and Leaf Plots



Establishing Process Baseline

Enumerative v. Analytic

Statistics Process Variation

Benefits of Control Charts

Requirements v. Control

Control Chart Interpretation

X-Bar Charts Uses

Construction and Calculations Assumptions

Rational Subgroups

Sampling Considerations



MEASURE: Individuals Data Uses

Construction and Calculations


Sampling Considerations

Interpretation Overview of Other

Individuals Charts

Run Charts

Moving Average Charts

EWMA Charts

Process Capability Histograms

Probability Plots

Goodness of Fit Tests

Capability and Performance Indices Relative to Process Control


Estimating Error


Attribute Charts Uses Selection

Construction and Calculations

Sampling and Considerations



Introduction to Regression Analysis

Scatter Diagrams

Linear Model

Interpreting the ANOVA Table

Confidence and Prediction Limits Residuals


Overview of Multiple Regression Tools



5 Days



Project management exposure