Effective Purchasing Behaviour Online Course

Effective Purchasing Behaviour Online Courses in South Africa

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Course Description

Some of the modules in this course are of interest to inexperienced buyers and others are designed for those with some experience. However all professionals who are responsible for purchasing or negotiation will benefit from completing the course. After working through the modules, you will find yourself well equipped to manage emotions and conflict in a purchasing situation, understand the salesperson and the environment, structure your own argument better and generally act in a way that garners positive results for you and your company.



To put the salesperson at ease and let him talk to obtain 'relevant' information in the negotiation

To structure you buyer presentation to lead the seller to an agreement which is profitable for both parties

To manage conflict in purchasing negotiation

To master positive and negative emotions in the purchasing negotiation process

Buying negotiation: analysing the situation



2.5 hours


Course Content

The five modules in this course are:

Understanding the salesman - improve the impact of your negotiation meeting by obtaining the right information and creating durable relationships with others

Structuring your argument - construct arguments that will have a strong impact, classify them according to importance and know when to use them

Conflict in purchasing - learn to understand signs of imminent conflict, objective and subjective aspects in a conflict, three tools to break the deadlock, how to safeguard your interests

Impact of emotion in purchasing - explore the impact of emotions on your behaviour and learn to master your emotions and react immediately to navigate each stage of your negotiation

Buying negotiation: analysing the situation - learn to make the right strategic and tactical decisions in order to conclude high-stakes negotiations successfully.