Human Resources Managing Diversity Online Course

Human Resources Managing Diversity Online Courses in South Africa


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Course Description

This course deals with valuing and managing the skills and experience found within your company. In addition to securing the loyalty of staff, you will discover how to value your own performance. Both new and experienced managers will benefit from working through the modules in this course.


Course Objectives

To set up the necessary HR systems for the effective management of a company's experienced staff.

To adopt a management style specifically aimed at experienced staff members

To encourage experienced staff members to make the most of their potential for themselves and the benefit of others


Course Duration

1.5 hours


Course Content

The three modules in this course are:

Valuing your experienced staff - make the most of the potential of your experienced staff and secure their loyalty through career management plans

Valuing your experienced collaborators - identify the assets, role and aspirations of experienced staff members, assert your authority as manager when faced with older, experienced staff members and manage sensitive situations

Valuing your experience - work out what your assets are, put your experience and skills to use and identify anything that may inhibit your professional performance.