Successful Performance Review Interviews Online Course

Successful Performance Review Interviews Online Courses in South Africa

2KO South Africa offers online courses in recruiting success, part of our series of online Human Resources training, available world-wide 24x7 over the Internet.
Online successful recruiting HR courses are available through 2KO Africa; and students in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban are able to enrol today. In fact we make our courses available all over South Africa and beyond our borders. The only requirement for these courses is a computer with internet connection. 2KO Africa conducts IT training and certification, as well as offering a large catalogue of online computer courses..


Course Description

The role of a recruitment officer is important. Making sure that people are matched well to their positions in terms of skills, experience and ability is crucial to the smooth running of any organisation. This course is designed to help recruiting officers to find the right person for the job every time.


Course Objectives

To evaluate an applicant for the job

To identify the key points in describing a job and its profile


Course Duration

1 hour


Course Content

The two modules in this course are:

Confirming an applicant's suitability for the position - learn to compare profiles, validate an applicant's skills, prepare questions and examine evidence

Using a job profile in the recruitment process - how to define and analyse a job profile, conduct an interview, attract the applicant and recruit for your company's value system.