Introduction to Marketing Online Course

Introduction to Marketing Online Courses in South Africa


2KO South Africa offers online Introduction to Marketing courses as part of our series of online marketing and innovation training courses, available world-wide 24x7 over the Internet. Online marketing courses are available through 2KO Africa; and students in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban are able to enrol today. In fact we make our courses available all over South Africa and beyond our borders. The only requirement for these courses is a computer with internet connection. 2KO Africa conducts IT training and certification, as well as offering a large catalogue of online computer courses.


Course Description

In our highly competitive global environment, marketing has become ever more essential to the success of a company. It is not enough simply to offer a quality product or service; you need to make sure that your business is known and chosen by your target market. This course is designed to take managers and marketing specialists through the most important aspects of marketing, including the marketing process, strategy, and marketing plans.

You will feel more confident about your understanding of the job of marketing your organisation, as well as how to adjust your own methods and strategy to meet the needs of your organisation and consumers.


Course Objectives

1.      To understand and implement the marketing process

2.      To perform an analysis of the situation and position your company or product on the market

3.      To assimilate the methods for building and presenting your marketing plan

4.      To create value for customers through the marketing mix

5.      To design effective communication campaigns

6.      To define the best way to achieve objectives

7.      To create a transnational community of marketing specialists


Course Duration

3.5 hours


Course Content

The seven modules in this course are:

The marketing process - understand the marketing process in three key stages: analysing the environment, recommending marketing campaigns and managing the launch process

The SWOT analysis - learn to move from analysis to recommendations using the SWOT matrix

The marketing plan - learn about the marketing plan in corporate strategy and how to structure and implement the main stages of your marketing plan

The marketing mix - understand the five components of the marketing mix, how to keep the marketing mix consistent with positioning, and how to create value for customers through the marketing mix

The communication strategy - learn how to build the communication strategy for your products and brands

Developing consistency through marketing - learn how to segment your company’s strategic business sectors and core markets, and define the positioning of an offer or brand

Leading an international marketing community - discover and share methods, tools and best practice for operating in a transnational context.