Personal Assistant Online Course

Personal Assistant Online Courses in South Africa

2KO South Africa offers online Personal Assistant courses as part of our series of online self-improvement training courses, available world-wide 24x7 over the Internet.
Online Personal Assistant courses are available through 2KO Africa; and students in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban are able to enrol today. In fact we make our courses available all over South Africa and beyond our borders. The only requirement for these courses is a computer with internet connection. 2KO Africa training centers deliver computer courses for certification, with enrollments open for full-time classes or internet-based online courses.


Course Description

You are not always face-to-face when communicating with your customer. Often the first point of contact is the telephone. This course is designed for all professionals who have to manage phone conversations, such as sales associates, accounts departments, after-sales service operators, technicians, secretaries and assistants. You will focus on improving your image on the telephone in order to ensure that you create a favourable impression of your company.


Course Objectives

To improve your telephone communication and become more comfortable in professional phone calls

To be an effective sales liaison between a company and its customers


Course Duration

1 hour


Course Content

The two modules in this course are:

The keys to communicating by telephone - master the basics of building a relationship over the phone and demonstrate your professionalism

Providing sales support by telephone - learn how to respond effectively to customer requests on the phone calmly and professionally in order to transmit a positive image of your company.