Interpersonal Effectiveness Online Course

Interpersonal Effectiveness Online Courses in South Africa

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Course Description

In order to communicate well with others, it is essential to know ourselves and our motives, priorities and values. This course is for people who wish to understand themselves better and master the skills for highly effective communication with managers and staff members, in order to maintain rewarding relationships with others.


Course Objectives

To discover the 3 pillars of interpersonal excellence and enjoy successful relationships with others

To master the basics in developing an interpersonal communication strategy

To develop self-knowledge for better communication

To explore the 3 routes to good communication

3 essential levers for building a winning co-operation


Course Duration

2.5 hours


Course Content

The five modules in this course are:


The 3 pillars of interpersonal excellence - learn to use these pillars in your professional relationships

Developing an interpersonal communication strategy - define your objectives to improve your level of influence

Knowing yourself better to communicate better - reflect on your attitudes, values and personal qualities

3 routes to good communication - improve your listening skills, openness and non-verbal acuity

3 essential levers for building a winning co-operation - understand the importance of co-operation and learn tools for building co-operative interactions