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Personal Development Online Courses in South Africa

2KO South Africa offers online personal development courses, available world-wide 24x7 over the Internet.
Online personal development courses are available through 2KO Africa, and students in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban may enrol immediately. In fact we make our courses available all over South Africa and beyond our borders. The only requirement for these courses is a computer with internet connection. 2KO Africa conducts hands-on computer courses on most of the major IT Platforms, and has a sizeable range of online IT courses which are available internationally over the Internet.


Course Description

We all want to feel good about ourselves and how we relate to our environment. This course is essential for anyone wishing to increase their sense of themselves as emotionally intelligent, capable of dealing with stress, and able to understand and communicate with other people.

In working through the modules, you will also discover ways to improve your self-esteem and assertiveness as well as how to keep your mind and body healthy.


Course Objectives

To communicate better using synchronisation techniques

To understand emotional intelligence fundamentals

To identify how you deal with stress and its consequences on the organisation of your work

To use effective methods to manage daily stress

To discover and improve your assertiveness

To use tools for self-assertion

To understand how self-esteem works and take stock of your own situation

To use tools to help you learn more about yourself and position yourself in relation to others

Identifying and implementing a process of change to develop high self-esteem

How to maintain your physical and mental capabilities


Course Duration

5 hours


Course Content

The ten modules in this course are:


Improving communication by adapting to others - learn synchronising techniques for better communication

Emotional intelligence fundamentals - improve your ability to integrate emotions in interpersonal communication

Understand how you deal with stress - find out about the consequences of positive and negative stress on your organisation and learn how to control stress

Handling stress - learn effective techniques for lessening the negative effects of stress

Assertiveness: know your profile - learn about assertiveness versus passiveness, aggressiveness and manipulation

Assertiveness toolkit - learn ways to reinforce your self-assertiveness

Self-esteem - how it works - Define and identify self-esteem; understand the obstacles to gaining self-esteem and how to overcome them

The four keys to developing self-esteem - discover your own identity, your relationship boundaries and your sense of importance and uniqueness

Maintaining your self-esteem - develop and implement a process of change to improve your performance and sense of personal fulfillment

Staying healthy - learn to make appropriate choices regarding diet, rest and exercise for optimum health