Train the Trainer Online Course

Train the Trainer Online Courses in South Africa

2KO South Africa offers Train the Trainer online courses as part of our series of online Human Resources training, available world-wide 24x7 over the Internet.
Online Train the Trainer courses are available through 2KO Africa; and students in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban are able to enrol today. In fact we make our courses available all over South Africa and beyond our borders. The only requirement for these courses is a computer with internet connection. 2KO Africa conducts hands-on computer courses on most of the major IT Platforms, and has a sizeable range of online IT courses which are available internationally over the Internet.


Course Description

Whether you are a trainer from outside the organisation or you are a manager who wants to train co-workers, training adults in their workplace presents its own set of challenges. This course will aid trainers in aspects of their responsibilities such as designing, facilitating and evaluating a training program, understanding how adults learn, presenting a slideshow and handling tricky situations during the training process.

Working through the modules of this course will ensure that your methods of training and understanding of the process are greatly enhanced.


Course Objectives

To acquire strategies for handling tricky situations

To acquire the tools and references for adapting to all training situations

To organise and use a slideshow for facilitation purposes

To understand adult learning mechanisms

To test what has been acquired

To understand the key steps in designing a training programme


Course Duration

3 hours 5 minutes


Course Content

The six modules in this course are:

Handling tricky situations - learn how to manage difficult participants, avoid errors and adopt appropriate behaviour

Facilitating a training course - understand how to manage group dynamics, adapt your training style, become a confident trainer

Designing and presenting a slideshow for facilitation - learn how to utilise slideshows as part of training

Adult learning mechanisms - create circumstances conducive to learning by understanding learner strategies, the 3 stages of learning and learning mechanisms

Evaluating what has been learned during training - develop a system of evaluation, analyse learner feedback

Designing a training programme - learn how to design a training programme in response to a training request